Jakarta Red (Jakarta Kota – Bogor) Commuter Line Guide

Jakarta KRL Red Line Jakarta Kota – Bogor

The complete guide to using the Jakarta Kota – Bogor KRL Commuter Line in Jakarta.

Jakarta’s Red Commuter Line is also called the Jakarta Kota-Bogor Line.

It is operated by KA Commuter Jabodetabek. As its name suggests, this line connects Jakarta Kota Station with Bogor (a satellite city south of Jakarta). Although there are multiple lines making up Jakarta’s busy commuter train network, the Red Line is the busiest. It plays an important role in Jakarta’s economy because employees who live south of Jakarta can bypass heavy traffic by taking the Red Line to and from work on a daily basis.

Jakarta Kota – Bogor KRL Line Summary

For the average working Indonesian, it is a very affordable way to get to and from Jakarta, but it can get overly crowded during peak travel times in the morning and evening.

Although it is the busiest line, it wasn’t the first line built in the system. The Tanjung Priok – Jatinegara Line was built first.

The stations on the Jakarta Kota-Bogor (Red Line) are actually shared with other lines in the system. The stations in the northern section of the line from Jakarta Kota Station to Manggarai Station are shared with the KA Commuter Blue Line. The stations south of Manggarai all the way to Bogor are shared with the Yellow Commuter Line.

Stasiun Bogor is the terminal station to the south on the Red KRL Commuter Line.

You will find that the Red Line is sometimes called different names by different people. The Red Line is the easiest way to identify this line, but you might also hear people calling it the Jakarta Kota – Bogor Line or even the Bogor – Jakarta Kota Line. Of course this may stem from the origin of the individual who is taking the train.

Transfer Station Information for the Red (Bogor – Jakarta Kota) Commuter Line in Jakarta

There are three stations along Jakarta’s Red Commuter Line that enable passengers to transfer between stations:

  • Jakarta Kota Commuter Station
  • Manggarai Commuter Station
  • Citayam Commuter Station

Jakarta Kota Station is the northernmost terminal station on the Red Line.

You can transfer between multiple KRL Commuter Lines at Stasiun Jakarta Kota.

You can connect to the Pink (Jakarta Kota – Tanjung Priok) Line from there. As you travel further south the next transfer station is Manggarai. While at Manggarai Station you can transfer to the Blue (Jakarta Kota – Cikarang) Line or the Yellow (Jatinegara – Bogor) Line.

The last opportunity to transfer off of the Red Line while travelling south towards Bogor is at Citayam Station. You can transfer there to the Yellow Line in order to reach Nambo.

Stations on Jakarta’s Red Commuter Line and Related Accommodation Information

The Red (Jakarta Kota – Bogor) Commuter Line consists of 24 stations that are oriented north to south.

The Red Line spans a total distance of 54.8 km from Bogor all the way north to Kota Tua.

You can access detailed information about each station by clicking on the Station names in the table below. The distance between every station is also included.

To make your planning more convenient, you can also access the 5 closest accommodation choices to each station. The approximate travel time between each station and each individual property is also included as a guide to help you book rooms at the most practical properties.

Additional KRL Commuter Lines in Jakarta

The Red (Bogor – Jakarta Kota) Commuter Line in Jakarta is not the only one making up the network. Currently, there are a total of five other lines in addition to this one. The other lines in the KRL Commuter Network can be accessed by clicking the links below:

Red: Jakarta Kota – Bogor(see information above)

Yellow: Jatinegara – Bogor  

Blue: Jakarta Kota Bekasi

Green: Tanah Abang – Rangkasbitung

Brown: Duri – Tangerang

Pink: Jakarta Kota – Tanjung Priok

If you require any additional information about the Red (Jakarta Kota – Bogor) Commuter Line feel free to send us an email.

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