Haji Nawi MRT Station in Jakarta

Haji Nawi MRT Station in Jakarta

The complete guide to Haji Nawi Station. Find out everything you need to know about using MRT Jakarta.

Haji Nawi MRT Station is a Jakarta MRT station located in South Jakarta. This station is approximately 9 km south of Bundaran HI and 11 km south of the Monas – Indonesia’s National Monument.

It is locally referred to as Stasiun MRT Haji Nawi in Bahasa Indonesia.

GPS Address: -6.267253, 106.797298

Station Address: Jl. RS Fatmawati No.18 D, RT.2/RW.2, Gandaria Sel., Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12420, Indonesia

MRT Jakarta Station Information

Haji Nawi MRT Station is one of the stations making up the M1-North South Line which connects Bundaran HI MRT Station (which is located a few kilometers south of the Monas) to Lebak Bulus MRT Station (which is located in South Jakarta).

The first phase of the M1-North South MRT Line consists of 13 stations which cover a distance of 15.7 km.

Some of the stations along this line are above ground, whereas others are underground.

The six northernmost stations are built underground because many of these are in the central business area that is more modern (hence fewer construction issues).

The seven most southern stations are built above ground where buildings tend to be older.

Haji Nawi MRT Station is an elevated station that is 3 stops north of Lebak Bulus – the southern terminal end of the line M1 North-South MRT Line.

Jakarta Underground MRT Stations

Jakarta Elevated MRT Stations

Haji Nawi MRT Map

Neighboring Stations to Haji Nawi MRT Station

If you arrive at Haji Nawi MRT Station the next closest station to the south is Cipete Raya. The distance between Haji Nawi and Cipete Raya is about 1.5 km.

In the opposite direction, the closest station to Haji Nawi MRT Station is Blok A. The distance between Haji Nawi and Blok A is approximately 1.2 km.

Distance from Haji Nawi MRT Station to Terminal Stations

Since Haji Nawi MRT Station is located in south Jakarta the closest terminal station to it is Lebak Bulus MRT Station – which is even further south.

Lebak Bulus is three stations south of Haji Nawi. The track distance from Lebak Bulus to Haji Nawi is about 5.4 km.

If you begin your trip in central Jakarta at Bundaran HI (the other terminal station on this line), you will make 8 stops prior to arriving at Haji Nawi MRT Station. The track distance between them is about 10.5 km.

MRT Transfer Information from Haji Nawi MRT Station

Haji Nawi MRT Station was created during the first phase of MRT construction in Jakarta. Therefore, there are currently no other MRT lines ready for use.

This means that you cannot transfer to another line at Haji Nawi, unfortunately.  When more lines open up in the future, this connectivity information will be updated accordingly.

For the time being try to use TransJakarta, Go-Jek, Grab or a taxi once you get out at Haji Nawi.

What is around Haji Nawi MRT Station?

Haji Nawi MRT Station is situated in South Jakarta.

The direct area around the station consists of mid-sized shops, pockets of residential space and some small shopping centers.

Shopping Centers

The closest shopping center to the station is Plaza Mebel Fatmawati. This is a small complex that is about 260 meters north of Haji Nawi MRT Station.

If you continue north a few hundred meters (beyond Plaza Mebel) and turn right (east) you will reach ITC Fatmawati – a small electronics mall with plenty of trinkets and affordable prices.  

About 1 km south of Haji Nawi MRT Station you will also find another small shopping center – Lotte Mart Fatmawati. This is closer to Cipete Raya MRT Station.

Hotel Options Near the Station

Most of the hotels in the vicinity of Haji Nawi MRT Station are in the 2-4 star range. Therefore, don’t expect world-class services and amenities, but you will great pretty solid value.

Probably the best two properties around Haji Nawi according to verified guest reviews are:  

The Bellevue Suite is 1.4 km to the west of the station which equates to a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute drive.

The Bellevue Suite is a well-priced property in Jakarta.
Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono is another solid well-priced property in Jakarta.

Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono, on the other hand, is 1.9 km and also situated to the west of Haji Nawi MRT Station.

Some other close accommodation options include:

Safin Inn (900 m/ 12 minutes walk)

RedDoorz Plus  Near ITC Fatmawati (850 m/ 11 minutes walk)

Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono (1.9 km/ 9 minutes driving)

Kyo Service Apartment Jakarta (350 m/ 5 minutes walk)

Hotel Maven Fatmawati (230 m/ 3 minutes walk)

Hotel 88 Fatmawati (500 m/ 7 minutes walk) 

FLAT06. Minimalist Residence (400 m/ 5 minutes walk).

***All distances above are in relation to Haji Nawi MRT Station.

Hotel Kristal is known for great service and an excellent gym.

Another comfortable option within a few kilometers of the station is Kristal Hotel Jakarta.

Kristal Hotel Jakarta is south of the station and it has a great pool, gym, and bar. It is popular with expat families visiting Jakarta and long-term stays.

Other Areas of Interest

If you are staying near Haji Nawi MRT Station then some other areas of interest not too far away include Cipete Raya (a good street for eating out), Kemang (one of the best areas in all of Jakarta for dining and socializing), Pondok Indah (with Pondok Indah Mall) and Blok M (one of Jakarta’s best textile shopping areas).

Therefore, to summarize, the direct area around Haji Nawi MRT Station isn’t particularly famous for sightseeing but within 3-4 km of the station, there is plenty to check out and enjoy. This includes shopping malls, excellent restaurants, and good budget hotel options.

Driving from Haji Nawi MRT Station to the Airports in Jakarta

Getting from Bundaran HI MRT Station to Soekarno-Hatta

The distance from Stasiun MRT – Haji Nawi Station to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is 35 kilometers and it will take you around 55 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Getting from Bundaran HI MRT Station to Halim Perdanakusuma

The driving distance from Stasiun MRT – Haji Nawi Station  to Perdanakusuma International Airport is around 15 kilometers and this should take you around 40 minutes to 55 minutes.

10 Closest Hotels to Haji Nawi MRT Station in Jakarta

***Organized according to Star Rating

Name of Property Star Rating/Distance/Travel Time to Property Average Guest Review Score
The Bellevue Suite 4-star/ 1.4 km/ 17 minute walk 7.8/10 (746+ reviews)
Safin Inn 3-star/ 900 m/ 12 minute walk 6.9/10 (27+ reviews)
RedDoorz Plus  Near ITC Fatmawati 3-star/ 850 m/ 11 minute walk 7/10 (97+ reviews)
Dwijaya House of Pakubuwono 3-star/ 1.9 km/ 9 minute drive 8.8/10 (119+ reviews)
Kyo Service Apartment Jakarta 3-star/ 350 m/ 5 minute walk 7.6/10 (115+ reviews)
Hotel Maven Fatmawati 3-star/ 230 m/ 3 minute walk 7.3/10 (52+ reviews)
Hotel 88 Fatmawati 2-star/ 500 m/ 7 minute walk 8/10 (126+ reviews)
Safin Residence 1 2-star/ 2.7 km/ 10 minute drive 6.5/10 (27+ reviews)
FLAT06. Minimalist Residence 2-star/ 400 m/ 5 minute walk 7.7/10 (162+ reviews)
ZEN Rooms Fatmawati 1-star/ 650 m/ 8 minute walk 8/10 (38+ reviews)

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