Duri Station in Jakarta

Duri Station in Jakarta
Duri Station in Jakarta

The complete Guide to Stasiun Duri in Jakarta. All the info about using the KRL Commuter and Airport Train from this station.

Duri Station, also referred to as Stasiun Duri in Bahasa Indonesia, is a KRL commuter station and an airport railink station in Jakarta. It is located about 4 kilometers northwest of the Monas and 3 kilometers southwest of Chinatown.

Station Duri acts as both a KRL Commuter Station and also an airport train station. Here, commuter train passengers are walking to board the next train.

Duri Station Information

GPS Address: -6.155838, 106.801421

Station Address: Jl. Duri Utara Raya, Duri Utara, Tambora, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11270, Indonesia

Commuter Line(s): Brown Line and Yellow Line

Train Platforms: 2 island platforms, Single side platform

Number of Tracks: 4

Jakarta Airport Train Quicklinks and Transfer Information

Duri Station is part of the Jakarta Airport Train Line that connects Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Central Jakarta and Bekasi. It is the second closest station next to the airport. If you travel one more station south, you will reach BNI City Station. This is particularly important because this is where you can connect with the MRT.

Jakarta Airport Train stopping at Duri Station, while a commuter train is visible through the window.

Please find below a summary of the Jakarta Railink Stations and relevant connections.

Commuter Line Information: Duri Station

Duri Station is a stop on two of Jakarta’s commuter lines: the Yellow Line and the Brown Line. The Brown Line services trains from Duri Station to Tangerang Station.

The Yellow Line on the other hand connects Jatinegara Station to Bogor, Nambo and Depok which are located south of Jakarta.

Commuter Train Transfer Information: Duri Station

Duri Station is considered to be a transfer station because it is possible to change trains between the Yellow and Brown Commuter Lines.

It is the first station on the Brown Line and the next closest station to it on the Brown Line that travels west out of Jakarta is Grogol Station.

Passengers transferring trains at Duri Station.

The distance between Duri Station and Grogol Station is about 1.7 km.

The Yellow Line runs both north and south of Duri Station. The closest functioning station to the north of Duri Station is Angke Station which is located about 1.23 km away.

The closest station south of Duri Station is Tanah Abang Station and the distance between these two stations is about 3.6 km.

What is located around Stasiun Duri in Jakarta?


Jakarta’s most popular attractions are not directly beside Duri Station, but some of them are not too far away and can be accessed by a short drive or a lengthy walk.  

The Monas, for instance, and its surrounding popular museums and galleries are about 4.5 kilometers away from Duri Station.  

If you are interested in checking out Jakarta’s Chinatown and its surrounding street markets, they aren’t too far away from Duri Station. Chinatown is about 3 kilometers northeast of the Station. It should take you about 45 minutes to walk or 35 minutes to drive there.

Shopping Malls

There are also some shopping options near Duri Station.

The closest shopping mall to the station is Seasons City. It is only 850 meters away which should take you only 10 minutes to walk there. It should also take you about ten minutes to drive from Duri Station to Seasons City.

Another small shopping center near Duri Station is called ITC Roxy Mas. This small mall specializes in electronics and it’s about 1.7 km away from Duri Station. It should take you about 20 minutes to walk to ITC Roxy Mas or an equal amount of time drive there from the Station.

Best Accommodation Options

If you plan to stay near Duri Station then there are a few accommodation options to choose from.  

Here are some of the closest properties from the station. All travel times are in relation to Duri Station:

Service Apartemen Seasons City (1 km/12 minute walk)

Apartemen Seasons City (1 km/12 minute walk)

Apartemen Seasons City Studio by RA 1 (1 km/12 minute walk)

Exclusive Season City Apartment (1 km/12 minute walk)

Amaris Hotel Seasons City (850 m/11 minute walk).

If you are looking for more international hotel chains then consider rooms closer to the Monas or those closer to Chinatown like Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni Hotel, YELLO Hotel Harmoni or HARRIS Vertu Hotel Harmoni.

All three of these properties are positively rated with new amenities.

If you are staying near Duri Station then you will also be quite close to a more traditional shopping center called Pasar Jaya Grogol.  It is about 2 kilometers away from the station which tends to take most visitors about 20 minutes to walk there or 15 minutes to drive.  

Driving from Duri Station to the Airports in Jakarta

Getting from Stasiun Duri to Soekarno-Hatta

The driving distance from  Duri Station to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is around 22 kilometers and this should take you around 40 minutes to 55 minutes depending on traffic.

Getting from Stasiun Duri to Halim Perdanakusuma

The driving distance from Duri Station to Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport is around 22 kilometers and this should take you around 40 minutes to 55 minutes depending on traffic.

10 Closest Hotels to Duri Commuter Station in Jakarta

***Organized according to Star Rating

Name of Property Star Rating/Distance/Travel Time to Property Average Guest Review Score
Service Apartemen Seasons City 4-star/ 1 km/ 12 minute walk 7.1/10 (9+ reviews)
Apartemen Seasons City 4-star/ 1 km/ 12 minute walk 8.9/10 (5+ reviews)
Apartemen Seasons City Studio by RA 1 3-star/ 1 km/ 12 minute walk Not Rated (No reviews yet)
Exclusive Season City Apartment 3-star/ 1 km/ 12 minute walk 5.2/10 (2+ reviews)
Flamenco hotel 3-star/ 2.3 km/ 9 minute drive 7.9/10 (26 reviews)
Amaris Hotel Dr. Susilo Grogol 2-star/ 3.6 km/ 12 minute walk 7.2/10 (442+ reviews)
Hotel Feodora Grogol 2-star/ 2.9 km/ 10 minute walk 7.6/10 (145+ reviews)
Hotel 88 Grogol 2-star/ 3 km/ 10 minute walk 7.4/10 (594+ reviews)
ZEN Rooms Grogol 2-star/ 2.9 km/ 9 minute drive 6.8/10 (3+ reviews)
Amaris Hotel Seasons City 2-star/ 850 m/ 11 minute walk 7.0/10 (943+ reviews)

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