Visiting Pasar Mayestik Jakarta

Visiting Pasar Mayestik Jakarta
Visiting Pasar Mayestik Jakarta

Everything you need to know about Pasar Mayestik textile market in Jakarta.

Pasar Mayestik is one of the most popular textile markets in all of Jakarta. The word ‘pasar’ translates to ‘market’ in English. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you also here it called Mayestik Market by some people living in Jakarta.

Pasar Mayestik is one of the best places to buy Batik in south Jakarta. It is a multistory complex with a great outdoor eating area.

It is located in an area of south Jakarta called Kebayoran Baru. Pasar Mayestik is located about 9.5 km south of the Monas (Indonesia’s National Monument) and 1.5 km northwest of Blok M and popular malls such as Blok M Square and Plaza Blok M.

One of the main reasons why Pasar Mayestik is a popular place for shoppers is textiles. It is one of the largest textile markets in all of Jakarta. You can experience many floors of shops selling shirts, pants, and raw fabric. The selection is quite impressive.

The lower floors of Pasar Mayestik have shops that sell much more than just clothing and fabric. You can find food, belts, hats, housing curtains and so much more. As you progress up to higher and higher floors you will notice more and more batik.

Batik is Indonesia’s prized textile. Most Indonesian traditional attire is made from batik that is typically bright with vibrant colors.

The lower floors of Pasar Mayestik have shops that sell much more than just clothing and fabric. You can find food, belts, hats, housing curtains and so much more. As you progress up to higher and higher floors you will notice more and more batik.

Batik is Indonesia’s prized textile. Most Indonesian traditional attire is made from batik that is typically bright with vibrant colors. Many locals living in Jakarta still wear traditional batik clothing to work on a daily basis. When you shop at Pasar Mayestik you will have the choice to either purchase pre-made batik clothing such as shirts, blouses, and dresses or buy large pieces of batik that can be tailored into one of these.

Pasar Mayestik Batik

If you do purchase large pieces of fabric you can also get one of the tailors/seamstresses to make a shirt to fit your size. The upper floors at Pasar Mayestik are particularly interesting.  The market itself transforms into a clothing factory where many local workers are set up creating shirts and other garments from the fabric being sold in the market. You can purchase fabric in the market and then bring it upstairs to create whatever you want with it.

Some of the sewing machines being used are quite ancient. This makes Pasar Mayestik an interesting place for shopping, but for checking out some local culture.

Eating at Pasar Mayestik in Jakarta

Although most visitors to Pasar Mayestik go for shopping purposes, there is also a good dining area located on the ground floor of the market.  Technically, you can access the eating area from four different entrances (one on each side of the market).

There is a nice selection local vendors set up selling everything from fruits and vegetables to tasty finger foods.  Most of the choices are very affordable by local and international standards. It is very easy to shop at us or mice eat and then drop downstairs for a quick meal.  There are also some stands selling coffee and other interesting drinks such as freshly made sugarcane.

Eating at Pasar Mayestik Jakarta

Most of the meals at Pasar my speak cost well below 50,000 IDR  making it an affordable place to eat for the entire family. It is also one of the cleaner Hawker centers in Jakarta. So, if you are visiting from abroad this is a good spot to sample some local Indonesian delicacies.

Mayestik Market Jakarta – Essential Visitor Information

Area of Jakarta: Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

GPS Coordinates: -6.240840, 106.791014

Street Address: Jalan Tebah III, RT.14/RW.3, Gunung, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12120

Hours of Operation: Everyday from 9 am – 6 pm

Jakarta Travel Guide Insider Tip: Neighbouring Fabric Stores Around Pasar Mayestik

What many visitors don’t realize is that there are also very good fabric stores directly around Pasar Mayestik in this area of Jakarta. Actually, based on our experience it is often cheaper to buy stuff at the surrounding stores opposed to in the market itself.  

It is a wise decision to check out specifically what you’re looking for in the market and then also check the price at the adjacent stores before paying.  Most of the stores around Pasar Mayestik require you to purchase a minimum amount of fabric to get good deals. The market differs because it offers more pre-made shirts and garments.

If you are looking for wholesale batik and other fabrics give the stores around the market a try before confirming any purchase in this area of Jakarta.  You will find that many of the store prices are very competitive and they offer a very wide selection of different textile fabric.

What is around Pasar Mayestik Market in Jakarta?

Most of the sights of interest around Pasar Mayestik are located in Blok M.

Block M is a popular shopping district of Jakarta that is known for affordable local and Chinese goods.  If you are looking for hats, sunglasses, and affordable clothing Blok M is a good alternative to Pasar Mayestik.

Shopping Malls

Most of the malls in Blok M are in the direct vicinity of Blok M MRT Station. The MRT station is about 1.5 km away from Pasar Mayestik which is approximately a five-minute drive away.  Therefore, you can take the MRT to Blok M and either walk to the malls near the station or take a short ride to Pasar Mayestik for batik shopping.

Some of the most popular shopping malls in Blok M include the following:

Of these three malls, Plaza Blok M  is the closest to the MRT Station. Pasaraya Blok M is popular with foreign tourists visiting Jakarta because it offers an extensive selection of Indonesian-made products. This is the place to go if you want high-quality souvenirs, artwork, and Indonesian-grown coffee.

Public Parks and Markets

Other points of interest around Pasar Mayestik that you might be interested in visiting include the following:

  • Taman Puring Market (a shoe market)
  • Taman Langsat (a public park)
  • Taman Ayodya (a public park)

Two of the best shopping malls near Pasar Mayestik are Gandaria City Mall and Pondok Indah Mall (PIM). They both have cinemas and a large selection of restaurants and international brands.

Best Accommodation Options

The Intercontinental Hotel is attached to PIM whereas the Sheraton is attached to Gandaria City. Both of these are great properties that receive positive guest reviews.

The Sheraton Grand is attached to Gandaria City Mall. You can drive from this hotel to Pasar Mayestik in 5-10 minutes.

Most of the accommodation choices near Pasar Mayestik are in the form of budget properties.  However, there are a few hotels that are definitely worth checking out in this area:

The Oakwood Suites is a nice property near Pasar Mayestik. It is also quite close to Gandaria City Mall.
This property is a nice affordable choice near Pasar Mayestik in Jakarta.
Veranda Hotel is a nice modern property. You can drive there in about 10 minutes from Pasar Mayestik.

These hotels receive positive guest reviews. They are all only a few minutes away from Pasar Mayestik by car.

Depending on what time you are traveling, Pasar Mayestik is also not too far away from the central business area of Jakarta. If traffic is light you can easily drive or take the MRT to Senayan and malls such as Plaza Senayan, Senayan City Mall, and Pacific Place. Get off at Senayan MRT Station or Istora MRT Station to access these shopping centers.   

10 Closest Hotels to Pasar Mayestik in Jakarta

***Organized according to Star Rating

Name of Property Star Rating/Distance/Travel Time to Station Average Guest Review Score
Gran Mahakam Hotel 5-Star (1.1 km/14-minute walk) 8.4/10 2133+ reviews
Oakwood Suites La Maison Jakarta 5-Star (1.2 km/16-minute walk) 8.7/10 107+ reviews
Spring House Of Pakubuwono 3.5-Star (900 m/12-minute walk) 6.0/10 1+ review
Mayestik Guest House Syariah 3-Star (300 m/4-minute walk) 4.1/10 4+ reviews
RedDoorz Plus near Senayan City 3-Star (1.1 km/14-minute walk) 8.5/10 27+ reviews
Oak Tree Urban Hotel 3-Star (1.1 km/14-minute walk) 7.3/10 715+ reviews
Sampit Residence managed by FLAT06 3-Star (1.3 km/16-minute walk) 7.6/10 675+ reviews
Everyday Smart Hotel Mayestik 2-Star (300 m/4-minute walk) 7.7/10 175+ reviews
New Kebayoran Residence 2-Star (1.0 km/14-minute walk) 3.0/10 4+ reviews
Happy Inn Melawai 2-Star (1.1 km/14-minute walk) 7.9/10 286+ reviews

Final thoughts about shopping at Pasar Mayestik in Jakarta

Pasar Mayestik is one of Jakarta’s best markets for fabrics including batik.  it is quite common to see foreign visitors shopping in the market and at the stores surrounding it.

Do not be shy to bargain for prices in the market.  

You will be surprised that many of the locals will be up for negotiating especially if it is a slow day a business. again, the level of wiggle room will depend on whether or not they own the shop that they are working at. If they are just a worker they may not be able to adjust the price at all for you. However, if it is the shop owner you may get a better deal by asking before paying.

Shopping at Pasar Mayestik Jakarta

If you are not satisfied with the prices in this area of Jakarta then you might want to consider Tanah Abang Textile market in central Jakarta. It is common knowledge amongst locals in Jakarta that Tanah Abang has the largest selection and the cheapest prices for batik in the city.  

You will have to decide whether or not it is worth the heavy traffic getting all the way to Tanah Abang to save the price difference.  

Many of the malls in Blok M also have textiles for sale that are affordably-priced.

Don’t forget about trying some of the local foods at Pasar Mayetsik’s outdoor dining area.

The food here is relatively clean and the prices are very competitive in comparison to food courts at large shopping malls such as Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia.

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