99 Things to Do in Jakarta: The Ultimate 14,650-Word Guide

Welcome to the most comprehensive list of ‘things to do’ in Jakarta ever created. Read this extensive article to find out what to do, where to go and learn about the hidden gems that make Jakarta a completely underrated city.

Number 97 might be the best of them all?

Things to do in Jakarta? Figuring out what to do in a city so big can be a challenging task for most visitors. This includes both local and foreign tourists. People who have never visited Jakarta struggle to navigate the largest Indonesian capital. 

With crowds like these you can expect vibrant street markets throughout Central Jakarta during ‘car free day.

Whether your itinerary is only 1 day or 72 hours, you need to know what to do in Jakarta. The faster you can figure out what you want to see and how you are going to get to each attraction, the better.

For many years, Jakarta has been overlooked by international and even foreign tourists because of its traffic. But fortunately, things are changing. With the new MRT System opened up and the Jakarta Airport Railink connecting passengers to the city center, things are starting to change. 

Let’s not forget about the various LRT Lines being built throughout the city.

As the public transportation options continue to improve, so too will the number of things to do in Jakarta. The following list of things to see in Jakarta includes all kinds of points of interest. There are no shortage of museums, shopping malls, markets, and family theme parks to keep you entertained in Jakarta for many days. 

So here it is, 99 Things to Do in Jakarta 

1. Stay in the tallest hotel in Jakarta and see 50 miles in every direction. 

Central Jakarta has no shortage of skyscrapers, but one stands above all others:  Gama Tower in South Jakarta. 

Gama Tower stands at 289 m making it the tallest tower in Jakarta and all of Indonesia for that matter. 

The interesting thing about Gama Tower is that The Westin Jakarta occupies floors 50 through to 67. The rooms at this cutting edge hotel offers spectacular panoramic views all the way to the north of Ancol and south of Bogor. 

The Westin Jakarta is located in the tallest building in Indonesia. Expect world-class skyline views from your room in this property.

Even the lobby at this hotel offers exceptional views of Jakarta’s skyline.

2. Visit Sunda Kelapa and the Old Schooners

Sunda Kelapa often makes Jakarta’s top ‘to-do list’. The reason?

A ‘step back in time’ you might say. This is the old port area of Jakarta located along the northern tip of the city. 

The old schooners still attract tourists after all these years. They are still as photogenic as ever, with their rustic, colourful charm. 

Sunda Kelapa in Jakarta

If you are going to visit Sunda Kelapa in Jakarta, remember to bring your camera along!

3. Go sky bar hopping at Jakarta’s trendiest nightspots!

An often overlooked tourist activity in Jakarta is visiting one of the many sky bars throughout the city. Not only are they awesome for socializing and meeting people, but they also offer breathtaking views of the skyline and the streets below. 

There are several great sky bars to visit in Jakarta. 

Two of the most popular choices are Skye and Cloud

Both of these properties are located right in the heart of central Jakarta.

***Note: We currently have no partnership with these two establishments.

4. Take the Commuter to the Impressive Bogor Botanical Gardens

A visit to the Bogor Botanical Gardens is one of the best things to do while you are in Jakarta. This is a big-time attraction for both foreign and domestic tourists visiting the city. 

Bogor is considered to be a satellite city south of Jakarta. Jakarta is simply so massive that it extends in all directions for miles. 

Bogor Botanical Gardens are best visited by taking either the Red or Yellow Commuter Lines south to Bogor Station

From Bogor Station, you can either walk to the entrance of Bogor Botanical Gardens or you can arrange a short ride. Either way, the entrance gate is quite close to the commuter station.

Bogor Palace in Bogor-Botanical Gardens. It is common for Jakartans to take photos of the presidential palace.

Expect the train to take about 1.5 hours from central Jakarta. 

Once you are in the gardens take your time and savor the fresh air and relaxing environment.

***Read more about the Commuter System in Jakarta with this comprehensive guide.

5. Try out the newly opened MRT. 

One of the biggest stories in Jakarta in 2019 was the opening of the first MRT Network in Indonesia. 

Although all planned lines are not completed built, there are currently 13 stations making up the first line. The southernmost station is Lebak Bulus MRT Station and the northernmost station is Bundaran HI MRT Station

Bundaran HI MRT Station is conveniently located for accessing car-free day in the city. Just simply walk out of the station and you will be right in the middle of the action.

Many Indonesians in the south take the MRT to Bundaran HI on weekends in order to shop at Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, and Thamrin City

If traffic is heavy, opt for the MRT. It could literally save you hours of time!

6. Dine-in two of Jakarta’s trendiest areas: Kemang and Senopati.

Tourists, locals, and expats are always looking for delicious places to eat. Two areas that you might want to consider are Kemang and Senopati.

One thing to do in Jakarta is to stay at a nice hotel, freshen up and then head out for the evening. What area(s) should you go?

Shisha Cafe in Kemang-is just one of many awesome restaurants in this trendy neighborhood.

Both Kemang and Senopati are common favorites among expats living in the city. You will find many high-end international restaurants and trendy bars in these areas. Just remember to book a reservation well in advance and you should be good to go! 

7. Visit Museum MACAN, the most popular museum in the entire city. 

Museum MACAN (MACAN Museum) is a new, extremely popular modern art museum in Jakarta. It is one of Jakarta’s top attractions and receives thousands of visitors per week.

Although it is called a ‘museum’ it is technically an art gallery. 

One of the major reasons why Museum MACAN has become one of the top things to do in Jakarta is because it is ‘very photogenic’. It attracts guests from all age categories.

MACAN Museum Jakarta. This is one of Jakarta’s ‘most happening’ attractions.

Although the exhibits do change, the opportunities for superb ‘selfies’ do not. It is common to see visitors to Museum MACAN snapping awesome photos with interesting mirror exhibits and dark room luminations. 

You cannot bring a camera into Museum MACAN, only a cell phone. Therefore, remember to bring along your best handphone and have it fully charged before visiting Jakarta’s most popular and trendiest museum. 

8. Explore Jakarta Aquarium in Neo Soho Mall.

One of the most popular things to do in Jakarta with family and friends is to visit Jakarta Aquarium.

Jakarta Aquarium is a modern, extremely kid-friendly activity for the whole family. Expect it to be very busy on weekends when kids are out of school and parents are off work. 

There are lots of species at the aquarium, but their jellyfish exhibit is one of the best!

Jakarta Aquarium Jellyfish.

Like most aquariums, there are live animal feedings and other activities for children. 

Jakarta Aquarium is located in Neo Soho Mall. This mall is physically attached to Central Park Mall via a modern pedestrian sky bridge. 

9. Take a step back in time at Jalan Surabaya Antique Market. 

Jalan Surabaya Antique Market has been one of Jakarta’s most popular markets over the years. 

Why you might ask? There are a few reasons for this. 

First of all, it is very easy to navigate. It is organized along one road. All you need to do is walk from one end of the market to the other and you will see every shop along the way. 

Jalan Surabaya Antique Market is also an easy point of interest to access because it is located right in central Jakarta, close to Bundaran HI, the Monas and popular hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental and Grand Hyatt.

Let’s not forget about the antiques and interesting products at the market. You can find all kinds of cool stuff at the market such as traditional Indonesian masks, swords, and antique lamps, ceramics among other things. 

If you want an easy thing to do in Jakarta head to this market. You can check it out in under 30 minutes if you are walking at a brisk pace.  

10. Take a landscape photo of the Monas – Indonesia’s National Monument. 

Very few (if any) domestic or international tourists visit Jakarta without visiting the Monas. This is Indonesia’s National Monument located right in the heart of Jakarta. 

Visiting the Monas is one of the top things to do in Jakarta (possibly even #1 on the ‘to do’ list). 

It is common to see both local and foreign tourists within Monument Park to get the perfect photo of the monument. Directly north of the water you can find some water to capture reflections of the tower.

11. Go bargain hunting at Pasar Tanah Abang – Jakarta’s best place for famous batik. 

According to most locals in Jakarta, there is no better place to buy Batik and other textiles than at Pasar Tanah Abang

People throughout Indonesia still wear traditional Batik attire to work on a daily basis. 

Shoppers from all over Southeast Asia visit Indonesia to buy Batik. 

When you are in Jakarta, add a stop at Pasar Tanah Abang to your ‘to-do list’ while in the city. It can be easily included into sightseeing itineraries because it is close to major attractions such as the Monas and National Museum of Indonesia

Tanah Abang Market in Central Jakarta

This area of Jakarta can get really busy, so don’t forget your camera to capture vivid photos along the way of the bustling environment.

Tanah Abang Market is one of the largest markets in Asia, so plan to be there for at least a few hours (if not more)!

12. Go souvenir shopping at Pasaraya Blok M – one of the best places for Indonesian-made products anywhere. 

If you are looking for Indonesian souvenirs head to Pasaraya Blok M. There is a whole entire floor dedicated to Indonesian-made goods. 

It is common to see both foreign and domestic tourists checking out the wood-carved puppets, local coffee (kopi), batik clothing and traditional Indonesian masks. 

Pasaraya Blok M is a popular spot for buying Batik and other Indonesian-made products.

There is something for everyone here. Keep in mind that there are some high-quality products here, so not everything is really cheap. The paintings and wood ornaments are impressive but pricey. 

If you are looking for things to do in Jakarta, consider shopping for a few hours here. Simply take the MRT to Blok M Station. You can walk to Pasaraya Blok M in 5 minutes from the station.

13. Explore the impressive gold treasury at the National Museum of Indonesia.

The National Museum of Indonesia is a must-see attraction in central Jakarta.

Many visitors often overlook the impressive gold treasury room on the top floor of the museum. You can check out all kinds of ancient artifacts, but the gold daggers and swords are quite impressive. 

To access this room, you must use the elevator. Photos are not permitted in this section of the museum due to the high value of the goods on display. 

14. Visit the largest produce market in the entire city – Pasar Induk Kramat Jati.

A completely overlooked thing to do in Jakarta is to visit Pasar Induk Kramat Jati.

This is a massive food and vegetable market (produce) that is like a city of its own. It is regarded by locals at the mother of all markets in Jakarta. And you will quickly notice that they weren’t lying. 

This still remains a frontier place to visit in Jakarta. Most tourists don’t even know it exists. 

Pasar Induk Kramat Jati in Jakarta

You will find all kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables scattered throughout this massive marketplace. 

Keep in mind that this is a wholesale market, so be prepared to find super cheap deals on orders above 5 kilograms.

15. Take an aerial photo of famous Bundaran HI from one of the best 5-star hotels in Jakarta. 

One of the most iconic spots in Jakarta is without question Bundaran HI

This is a famous roundabout that is surrounded by 5-star luxury hotels. Consequently, one popular thing to do in Jakarta is to take the MRT down to Bundaran HI Station and catch glimpses of this area. 

The best vantage point of Bundaran HI and the Selamat Datang Monument is to book a room at one of the neighbouring hotels that provide unobstructed views down below. 

Three extremely popular hotels with views of Bundaran HI are:

The Grand Hyatt Jakarta is perfectly located beside Bundaran HI and the Selamat Datang Monument. You can expect spectacular views from your room here if you request for a view of the roundabout.

Request for a Bundaran HI view when you make your booking online in advance.

***Read more about the top hotels in Jakarta with this comprehensive accommodation guide.

16. Experience a mesmerizing cultural parade at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini is one of the largest family theme parks in all of Indonesia. It is so big that it will probably take you more than a full day to see all of it. 

Although it was built a long time ago, it still is extremely popular because it offers so many different options for visitors. 

If you want to see Komodo Dragons, they are at Taman Mini. If you want to check out museums, sure no problem. 

Taman Mini is one of the top things to do in Jakarta because it showcases traditional buildings from each one of Indonesia’s provinces as well. Therefore, if you want to learn more about Indonesia and its people and their history, this is a great spot. 

Taman Mini iIndonesia Indah

Unlike many theme parks in Europe and North America, Taman Mini is so big that visitors usually travel throughout it using a car, moto or bicycle. You can try to walk but many of the sites are spread out.

It is your call, but bring lots of water and a fully charged camera along.

17. Pamper yourself with a staycation at one of Jakarta’s best luxury hotels.

‘Staycations’ are very popular in Jakarta and for good reason!

Many expats and locals living in Jakarta spend a weekend or two every year at Jakarta’s five-star hotels. Jakarta has some great online accommodation deals and amazing service standards.

What many people don’t realize is that many of Jakarta’s best properties like the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place offer lounge access. What this means is that you can get unlimited food and drinks in classly, well designed lounges with first class service. 

Sounds like a tempting weekend retreat, doesn’t it?

Some of the most popular staycation hotels in Jakarta include the following properties:

Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place is a great luxury hotel right in the center of the city. It has a superb executive lounge that has free flow of drinks and food on weekends. This is ideal for ‘staycations’ in Jakarta.

All of these properties are super nice with world-class amenities. Don’t forget about getting a few spa treatments or simply enjoying the saunas and jacuzzis. 

One of the best things to do in Jakarta is to simply relax at one of these hotels while celebrating a special event such as your anniversary or birthday. They all usually prepare some kind of treat in your room if you let them know in advance that you are celebrating a special occasion.

18. Take a walk through Jakarta Gems Center – a fascinating open marketplace. 

Visiting Jakarta Gems Center is a fascinating thing to do in Jakarta. 

It is located in Jatinegara – a bustling area that is known for street markets. One of the coolest things about the Jakarta Gems Center is that it is pretty much completely off the radar of foreign tourists. 

This makes it an ideal place for frontier tourists to check out. 

Be prepared to see lots and lots of gemstones on display. Try to do a bit of research beforehand if you plan on buying something, however. 

The local dealers will welcome you with a big smile!

Jakarta Gems Center is a great place to buy rings.

Jakarta Gems Center is right across the road from Jatinegara Station which is part of the commuter system in Jakarta. 

If traffic is bad, consider taking the Yellow Commuter Line to the station and then simply walk across the road using the pedestrian bridge. You can’t miss the market from the station.

19. Watch an exciting water show at Taman Lapangan Banteng in central Jakarta. 

Taman Lapangan Banteng is one of Jakarta’s most modern public parks. Yet, most visitors to the city don’t even know it exists!

It is situated in a prime spot near the northeastern corner of the Monas, and directly across from famous Hotel Borobudur.  

There are a few cool features that make Taman Lapangan Banteng unique from other parks in Jakarta

First of all, it has a nicely designed outdoor amphitheater that is the perfect spot to watch outdoor performances. Secondly, it has a modern water light show that is choreographed to music. 

Once of the most iconic monuments in central Jakarta is the West Irian Liberation Monument. This is located right in the heart of Taman Lapangan Banteng. It is a photographic structure and worth checking out. 

Taman Lapangan Banteng is a nice public park minutes from the Monas. It has the photogenic West Irian Monument shown above in the picture.

If you are looking for things to do in Jakarta, grab a book and chill at Taman Lapangan Banteng for a few hours!

20. Watch some talented local musicians play guitar at Taman Suropati in central Jakarta.

Taman Suropati is a public park located right in the heart of central Jakarta. It is extremely well known amongst locals living in Jakarta. 

It has mature trees and a super-cool vibe on weekend evenings. 

One of the most popular activities at Taman Suropati is playing music during the evening hours. It is common to see groups of Indonesians chilling out while singing or playing guitar. 

As a tourist, a cool thing to do in Jakarta is to head down to the park and start up some conversations with some locals. 

Local musicians at Taman Suropati in Jakarta.

Like most parks in Jakarta, around the exterior, you will find various street hawkers selling snacks and drinks. Taman Suropati is also close to Taman Menteng and Taman Situ Lembang. Consider combining these into the same trip if you are Menteng Jakarta. 

***Read more about Jakarta’s best public parks using this comprehensive guide.

21. Capture epic photos of culture-rich Chinatown.

One of the coolest things to do in Jakarta is to explore the narrow, vibrant streets of Chinatown

Chinatown is busy year-round. Unlike many Chinatowns in Southeast Asia, Jakarta’s still feels like an authentic marketplace opposed to a tourist draw. Consequently, it’s a solid place to take vivid street photos. 

Early in the morning is probably the best time to visit Chinatown in Jakarta. 

The reason?

This is when you will see the freshest meat and seafood!

Petak Sembilan Market Jakarta is one of the city’s best outdoor street markets. It is right in the middle of Chinatown.

Petak Sembilan Market and Dharma Bhakti Temple tend to be the most popular points of interest in Chinatown Jakarta.

There are many shops around Chinatown in Jakarta as well. So don’t go there thinking there are only street markets. Pasar Glodok is also right near Petak Sembilan Market. This is a large, multistory market building.

22. Go ice skating at one of these three malls in Jakarta.

Whoever knew that there are three different ice skating rinks in Jakarta? Really, three?

Yeah, that’s right. Despite Indonesia’s tropical climate, there are indeed three ice rinks in three different shopping malls

Ice skating is a popular family activity in Jakarta. Consequently, you can find people of all ages skating during public hours on weekends and even during the week. 

The three rinks in Jakarta are found in these malls:

Obviously, most people living in Jakarta or visiting the city do not have ice skates. Don’t worry, you can rent them right at these rinks if you don’t have a pair!

23. Ride the elevator to the tip of the Monas for sweeping panoramic views of central Jakarta.

The Monas (National Monument of Indonesia) is definitely one of the top attractions in all of Jakarta. Indonesians are patriotic and love celebrating their independence. 

When you visit central Jakarta you have to see the Monas. Very few visitors would leave without checking it out!

It has an interesting museum (history museum) in the basement that summarizes Indonesia’s history using dioramas. 

The most captivating experience at the Monas is taking the small elevator to the viewing platform. But you have to be smart and proactive about it. 

If you show up to the Monas at 10 am on a Sunday morning, EXPECT large line ups! It usually opens at 8:30 am, but go well before that to avoid being disappointed. Due to its narrow design, only a single elevator transports people up to the viewing platform

So be ready early and get your camera charged. 

The view from the top of the Monas is really good. You can capture excellent aerial shots of nearby attractions such as Jakarta Cathedral, Istiqlal Mosque, and the central skyline.

This is an essential thing to do in Jakarta if you are a travel photographer.

24. Snorkel at one of the 1000 Islands north of Jakarta.

Although there aren’t really 1000 islands north of Jakarta, there are several nice islands to explore!

The 1000 Islands is an archipelago north of Jakarta. Some of the islands are surprisingly nice despite their proximity to one of the largest cities in the world.

You can arrange to stay at an island or you can also take day trips out to them. 

If you take a speed boat to some of the more distant islands such as Pulau Macan you will get clear water and find some nice white sand beaches. 

During the rainy season, the boat trips out to the 1000 Islands can get choppy. So be sure to check the upcoming forecast before you set sail!

25. Shop for affordable electronics at Mall Ambassador or Mangga Dua Mall.

With a city well over 10 million, there must be some popular shopping malls for buying electronics, right? Of course, there is!

Mangga Dua is one of the best places to shop for electronics in Jakarta. One of the best electronics malls in Mangga Dua is called Mangga Dua Mall. Oddly enough, there is another mall in Jakarta that looks very similar to Mangga Dua Mall – Mall Ambassador.

Mall Ambassador Jakarta.

Mall Ambassador is located in Kuningan near Raffles Jakarta and Lotte Shopping Avenue.

Both of these electronics malls are considered to be among the best in all of Jakarta. They are multistory complexes with no shortage of shops selling everything from handphones to residential security systems. 

If you can find what you are looking for at these two malls consider ITC Fatmawati, ITC Kuningan or ITC Mangga Dua

26. Check out the large weapon room at Museum Polri in Blok M. 

Visiting Museum Polri is an interesting thing to do in Jakarta if you want to learn more about the armed forces of Indonesia. 

Situated in Blok M, Museum Polri is a well-kept place to check out for a few hours. The ground floor of the museum has some interesting exhibits. One of them features lots of weapons including automatic machine guns. 

The weapon room at Museum Polri is one of the most interesting exhibits in the museum.

The upper floors of the museum highlight major incidents in Indonesian history and how the police force worked to stop/overcome the issue. They have an interesting exhibit on the Bali Bombings that are sad but informative. 

The closest MRT station to Museum Polri is Blok M Station. It is about a 3-minute drive from the station to the museum.

27. Enjoy some late-night snacks at Plaza Festival. 

Plaza Festival is a social-oriented mall right near the Westin Jakarta. It has some of the best outdoor restaurants for late-night eating out. It is a great spot for chilling with some friends while grabbing some snacks and cold beverages. 

They are also building an LRT Line close to Plaza Festival which is going to make it even easier to reach it than ever before. 

A cool plan is to grab a few drinks at Plaza Festival and then head over to Hensin. This is the tallest sky bar in Jakarta. Both of these establishments are only about 5 minutes away from each other.

28. Visit the Indonesian puppet museum in Kota Tua.

The Puppet Museum, also known as Museum Wayang, is one of Kota Tua’s most popular museums.

It isn’t Jakarta’s most modern museum, and it could use a facelift, but it is still worth checking out. Some of the puppets are really interesting and they are not only Indonesian puppets. 

There are also puppets from other countries around the world. The entrance price is very affordable and it is right in the heart of Kota Tua. 

Museum Wayang in Kota Tua is the Puppet Museum that is situated right in Taman Fatahillah.

To get to Museum Wayang simply go to Taman Fatahillah. From there, you can’t miss it since it is located along the western side of the square.  

29. Explore the works of Indonesian artists at the National Gallery of Indonesia. 

Visiting the National Gallery of Indonesia is one of the best things to do in Jakarta if you are an art lover. 

Many of Indonesia’s best artists works are on display here. Currently, according to Wikipedia, there are approximately 1770 pieces of artwork on display in the gallery. 

Some noteworthy works on display include those by both foreign and famous Indonesian artists: 


  • Raden Saleh
  • Affandi 
  • Basuki Abdullah


  • Wassily Kandinsky
  • Hans Hartung
  • Victor Vasarely
  • Sonia Delaunay
  • Pierre Soulages
  • Zao Wou Ki

The added convenience of visiting the National Gallery of Indonesia is that it is so close to other points of interest like the Monas, Jakarta Cathedral, Istiqlal Mosque, Taman Lapangan Banteng and Pasar Baru.

30. Walk through Bustling Pasar Baru Market

Pasar Baru is one of the oldest markets in Jakarta. As a result, it is very famous amongst locals in the city. It also welcomes quite a number of foreign visitors on a daily basis. 

It is situated in central Jakarta, a few kilometers northeast of the Monas. This market is unique in the sense that it is mainly a walking street. The odd car drives through the market, but it is mainly reserved for pedestrian traffic most of the time. 

When you visit Pasar Baru you will notice that it has a wide range of different types of shops. Everything from sporting goods to tailored suits. 

If you have the energy, you can walk from the Monas to Pasar Baru or vice versa. But most tourists would get a short ride between them due to the heat in Jakarta. Regardless, it’s an interesting thing to do in Jakarta.

31. Take your family to SeaWorld Ancol.

Prior to Jakarta Aquarium opening up in the city, SeaWorld Ancol was the most popular aquarium complex in Jakarta.

In case, you are not familiar, Ancol is a massive family-oriented theme park located along the waterfront. You can find beaches, water parks, markets and all kinds of restaurants here. It is a massive park that seems to extend forever!

SeaWorld Ancol in Jakarta

One interesting thing to do in Jakarta is to visit SeaWorld Ancol. This is a large indoor aquarium that offers guests interesting daily shows and exhibits. An interesting idea is to visit both the Jakarta Aquarium and SeaWorld Ancol to see which one you like more!

Jakarta Aquarium is in Neo Soho Mall, whereas SeaWorld Ancol is physically located within the theme park. Therefore, you have to enter the park to access all the underwater species!

32. Play with gorillas, elephants and komodo dragons at Ragunan Zoo.

Ragunan Zoo is an extremely popular attraction in Jakarta. It is one of the best things to do in Jakarta for families. 

As you might have heard Jakarta could still use more parks and greenspace. Fortunately, Ragunan Zoo serves as both a zoo and a public park. 

And let’s not forget that Ragunan Zoo is MASSIVE! 

In comparison to other zoos around the world, Ragunan is also extremely affordable. It is one of the best deals in all of Jakarta and that’s why so many families visit the zoo. 

During weekends, it is common to see locals sitting in the shade just relaxing within the zoo grounds. Many expats use the zoo as a recreation facility for working out. It is perfect for jogging and cycling early in the morning when the air is fresh and the sun is not too hot. 

Ragunan Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the world. It’s a great, affordable day out with the family.

Ragunan Zoo has an extensive selection of animals from all over the world. So many, that it is challenging to see the entire zoo in one day. We challenge you to try, but don’t be disappointed if you can’t!!

If you can’t make it to Komodo Island, you can see many Komodo Dragons in Ragunan Zoo as well! 

33. Visit every section of one of the largest markets in the world: Tanah Abang Market.

Tanah Abang Market or Pasar Tanah Abang in Bahasa Indonesian is the largest textile market in Southeast Asia. It is so big that you can’t even see the entire thing in a day!

We are talking about endless floors of batik and other textiles. If you want affordable clothing, this is the place to go in Jakarta!

Pasar Tanah Abang Blok A and Pasar Tanah Abang Blok B combine to form the largest market building in this area of Jakarta. If you key either one of these into your GPS, that’s a great place to start if you want to explore this fascinating area of Jakarta. 

You can access Tanah Abang Market by taking the commuter to Tanah Abang Station or by taking the MRT to Bundaran HI Station.

From Tanah Abang Station, you can walk directly to Pasar Tanah Abang in about 5 minutes. There is a pedestrian bridge connecting the station area to the market. 

If you take the MRT to Bundaran HI Station you will have to walk or arrange a drive from there to Tanah Abang Market. 

The walk takes about 20 minutes through some narrow but interesting streets.

34. Visit Tugu Tani, Proclamation Monument, and the Selamat Datang Monument to see which one is your favorite.

Indonesia is very proud of its Independence. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see various monuments scattered in prominent positions around the city.

The most famous monument in Jakarta (next to the Monas) is the Selamat Datang Monument. This is also called the ‘Welcome Monument’. It is situated right in the middle of Bundaran HI and it is surrounded by world class hotels like the Mandarin Oriental.

Very few tourists leave Jakarta without a photo of this monument. 

Tugu Tani in Jakarta

But guess what? There are many other monuments worth checking out while you are in Jakarta as well! 

Try visiting Tugi Tani and the Proclamation Monument. Both of these are located in central Jakarta. They are a short ride from Bundaran HI.

35. Discover bustling Jatinegara Market on a Saturday or Sunday morning. 

A completely underrated thing to do in Jakarta is to explore Pasar Jatinegara (aka Jatinegara Market). 

This is a bustling place to check out that many foreign tourists never visit while in Jakarta. 

Inside the main building of Jatinegara Market

One of the added bonuses of visiting Jatinegara Market is that it is serviced by Jatinegara Station. Therefore, you can take the commuter system there and simply walk to the market. 

Right across the road from Jatinegara Market is CityPlaza Jatinegara. This is a busy, affordable shopping center. It has a bunch of local food choices in its food court and some popular cafes on the ground floor. 

Pasar Jatinegara is a big market building but the surrounding streets are also market space as well. Consider checking out the main market but the side streets around it to get the best experience in this area of Jakarta.

36. Meet local students at Taman Fatahillah and learn Bahasa Indonesian while they learn English.

Taman Fatahillah (aka Fatahillah Square) is one of the most iconic places in all of Jakarta. It is situated in Kota Tua – the old Dutch area of the city.

Most visitors to Jakarta see Taman Fatahillah before they leave the city! It is one of the most visited places throughout the entire city. Expect both domestic and international tourists here. 

One of the most unique experiences at Taman Fatahillah is being approached by local school groups. Indonesian students are super eager to learn English. Consequently, it is common practice for them to approach foreigners and to ask them if they want to chat. 

Taman Fatahillah from the upper floor of Cafe Batavia.

There is no better way to feel the true warmth and welcoming nature of Indonesian’s than this! You might even find that they want to record your conversation. Don’t be alarmed, this is usually for school projects. Students need to show evidence to their teachers. 

The closest commuter station to Taman Fatahillah is Jakarta Kota Station. Most tourists tend to take a taxi or walk to Kota Tua, however. If you want to try out the commuter system, simply walk 5 minutes north of Jakarta Kota Station to enter Fatahillah Square.

37. Visit Museum Bank Mandiri and Museum Bank Indonesia in Kota Tua and see which one you like more.

Kota Tua is one of Jakarta’s main museum hubs. People visit Kota Tua every day to check out artifacts from the past. 

Two popular museums in Kota Tua are Museum Bank Mandiri and Museum Bank Indonesia. The interesting thing about these museums is that they are located directly beside each other. 

This makes it super easy to draw comparisons between them. Keep in mind that they are both represent the same genre of museum: banking

Some of the most interesting exhibits in these two museums include all the ancient paper bills from around the world and antique ATM machines. Who remembers the first ATM machines after all?

You can access both of these museums by taking the commuter train to Jakarta Kota Station. You can walk to them within 3 minutes from the station. 

Many tourists also arrange rides to Kota Tua as well because the commuter trains can get very busy in Jakarta during peak hours. 

38. Learn how to make traditional Indonesian Batik at the Textile Museum in Tanah Abang.

One of the coolest things to do in Jakarta is to make batik at the Textile Market in Tanah Abang. This activity is often completed overlooked by visitors to Jakarta. 

Tanah Abang is an immensely popular shopping area in central Jakarta. Near Pasar Tanah Abang you will find the Textile Museum (aka Museum Tekstil). 

Although the museum is interesting, you might find the workshops even more fun!

Textile Museum in Jakarta. This is an interesting place to make batik.

To find the Batik-making workshops go behind the textile museum. There is a building with a large workshop space that is dedicated to making basic batik clothing. 

If you love learning about culture, this is a must-do in Jakarta. And the weird thing is, hardly anyone knows about it?

39. Enjoy a traditional Indonesian Coffee (kopi) at Cafe Batavia while taking photos of Fatahillah Square.

Cafe Batavia is one of the most iconic and popular cafes in all of Jakarta. It is particularly popular with domestic and international tourists visiting Jakarta. 

It is located right in the heart of Kota Tua. Consequently, Cafe Batavia offers excellent views of Taman Fatahillah and colonial buildings in the Old Town.

The main wall of Cafe Batavia is decorated with vintage photos, some of which are photos of celebrities who visited the cafe.

Location is not the only reason why Cafe Batavia is popular, however. It has an elegant, yet aged interior design that looks like something you would find in a movie. They often have classy bands playing at the cafe and their menu has plenty of Indonesian favourites to choose from.

40. Climb to the top of Syahbandar Tower to see views of Sunda Kelapa. 

Syahbandar Tower, also known as Menara Syahbandar is an interesting place to visit in Jakarta. Often overlooked by visitors and locals in Jakarta, this is a historical site that still offers interesting views of the harbour area. 

If you are in the Sunda Kelapa area head over to Syahbandar Tower. You will see why it was once used as a viewpoint to monitor boat traffic in Batavia. The tower was built in 1839 so historians will find this a worthwhile attraction. 

The surrounding buildings next to Syahbandar Tower where once used as tax and customs offices for good being shipped into the city. 

Currently, you can purchase a joint entrance ticket for Syahbandar Tower at Jakarta Maritime Museum

Once you walk up to the top of the tower you can still capture interesting views of Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta Maritime Museum, and the busy street traffic below. Travel photographers should appreciate the views from the top. 

Although there are many things to do in Jakarta, this is one of those ‘unknown’ places to check out that most tourists simply don’t know enough about to visit. 

41. Visit the historic Dutch cemetery museum, Taman Prasasti Museum.

It’s rare to find a cemetery that also serves as a museum, but Jakarta has one!

Museum Taman Prasasti is an interesting place to visit in Jakarta. It contains many old Dutch graves scattered throughout a pleasant park area. 

Historians visiting Jakarta find this museum particularly interesting. Like most of Jakarta’s museums, the entrance fee is marginal. 

You can easily check out the Monas, National Museum of Indonesia and Taman Prasasti Museum during the same day. They are within walking distance of each other. 

42. Check out the modern art collection at Art 1 Museum in Jakarta

Art 1 in Jakarta is a large, multistory modern art gallery that is a nice spot to visit while you’re in the city.

Jakarta has seen an increasing number of art galleries pop up over the last five years and this is one of them. If you were to compare Art 1 Museum to other museums in Jakarta it is the most similar to Museum MACAN

To view the entire gallery will take you anywhere from 30 minutes to 2-hours. When you walk into the entrance there is a nice cafe area where you can relax as well. Since this is a private museum it is more expensive that government-managed ones, but it is very well maintained with bright, clean exhibits.   

43. Take the MRT to Bundaran HI Station to shop at Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia and Thamrin City Mall. 

Foreign tourists visiting Jakarta are seen in Thamrin all the time. This is arguably the most popular area for tourists in all of Jakarta. So why do they stay in Thamrin?

One of the main reasons is shopping!

Three of Jakarta’s most popular malls are located within a few minutes of Bundaran HI:

Currently, you can stay near Bundaran HI MRT Station and walk to these malls stress-free without spending a second driving in Jakarta’s traffic! 

Small stalls are a common sight at Thamrin City

It also doesn’t hurt to have some of Jakarta’s most popular malls right in this area as well. Hotel Kempinski Indonesia and the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta are two popular choices for people visiting Jakarta.

44. Take the MRT to Blok M Station and shop at Blok M Square, Plaza Blok M, and Pasaraya Blok M.

One thing to do in Jakarta is to use the MRT to visit one of the best shopping areas in the city: Blok M.

Blok M is famous for budget shopping, and now it has never been easier to access since the MRT opened in early 2019. 

When you take the MRT to Blok M Station you can literally enter the closest mall in one minute! Yeah, that’s right! No traffic and no worries…

To get to Plaza Blok M Mall just follow the signs and take the southwestern exit from the station. After you cross the pedestrian walkway to the mall you will be inside in seconds. There is a stress-free security check at the entrance of the mall.

Plaza Blok M is a popular shopping mall that is conveniently located directly beside Blok M MRT Station.

You can also walk to Blok M Square and Pasaraya Blok M from Blok M Station in 5 minutes. They are located east of the station. 

Due to the popularity of the new MRT system, these malls in Blok M have become busier. Consequently, there are more food choices than ever before!

45. Check out one of the most popular family parks in Indonesia – Dunia Fantasi in Ancol Taman Impian.

Dunia Fantasi officially opened in 1985 and ever since it has been attracting visitors. 

This is the biggest outdoor amusement center in Indonesia which is divided into 8 areas:

  • Indonesia
  • Jakarta
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • America
  • Greek
  • Hikayat
  • Kalila

If you want to draw some comparisons, Dunia Fantasi is Indonesia’s Disneyland without all the Disney characters! You will find lots of rides here for children and adults. 

Similar to SeaWorld Ancol, Dunia Fantasi is part of Ancol Taman Impian. Therefore you have to enter the main park before you can access the rides. 

According to Dunia Fantasi’s official website, official hours of operation are:

Weekdays: 10:00 – 18:00 

Weekend: 10:00 – 20:00 

If you are looking for things to do in Jakarta this is a great option if you have a family. Just remember to consider when you are going to this theme park. If you arrive on a public holiday or during a long weekend expect longer than usual lines at the rides!

46. Try the best ‘Saturday morning’ brunch in Jakarta. 

Yeah, that’s right, ‘SATURDAY MORNING’. 

Enjoying brunch in Jakarta is a great thing to do on a weekend. But as you might imagine, most of the best brunches in the city are on Sunday. This is especially true at Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta

Hotel Mulia Jakarta

But what if you are busy on Sunday….?

Well, not to worry!

Consider eating brunch Saturday opposed to Sunday in Jakarta. The Mandarin Oriental has a delicious French Restaurant called ‘Lyon’ that you can try. Similar to the amazing brunch at Hotel Mulia, you can also expect wine and beer options with your brunch here as well.

According to Lyon’s official website, their Saturday brunch is from 11:30 am until 2:30 pm. 

We suggest that you make a reservation well in advance and plan to arrive early to get enough food and drinks before 2:30 pm!

Another added benefit about eating brunch at the Mandarin Oriental is that it is right beside some of the best shopping malls in Jakarta like Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. Just simply walk across the road and you will be at Grand Indonesia. 

Bundaran HI and the Selamat Datang Monument are directly in front of the hotel as well.

47. Take a Photo of Old Medical Equipment at Museum of National Awakening (Museum Kebangkitan Nasional).

Museum Kebangkitan Nasional or the Museum of National Awakening is an interesting place to explore while you are in Jakarta.

As its name suggests, it showcases the ‘national awakening’ of Indonesia and how it evolved into a self-guided country. Some of the coolest exhibits in the museum include old medical tools used in surgery. 

You are probably wondering why there are medical instruments here?

Well, the building was initially made into four museums: Budi Utomo Museum, Museum of Women, Museum of Pers, and Museum of Health and Medicine. On February 7, 1984, the four museums were then combined and renamed as the Museum of National Awakening.

Like many of Jakarta’s museums, there is a central courtyard here. The building itself is beautiful with a colonial-facade.

48. Watch a live-band rock out at the Hard Rock Jakarta.

Both foreign and local ‘rock lovers’ head to the Hard Rock Jakarta for some high quality live music.

The Hard Rock is conveniently attached to Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta. This also means you can get to it from the MRT in under 10 minutes. Just heat to Istora Station and walk through the mall. 

The Hard Rock has live music most evenings. Also keep in mind that it has some of the best Western dishes in the city. It isn’t cheap but the serving sizes tend to be larger than other restaurants around the city. 

You can refer to their official website for more information about their menu and upcoming music performances.

49. Go for a ‘locally guided walking tour’ of Jakarta.

If you want to see the ‘real Jakarta’ while you are in the city, consider going for a walking tour. You can make your own walking tour itinerary or simply book one with a local agency. 

These have become a popular thing to do in Jakarta over the last 5 years. Consequently, there are now many differently locally managed walking tour organizations in the city. 

Jakarta Good Guide is one of many reputable operators in the city. This article does a nice job of summarizing different walking tours in Jakarta to save you some time.

Just remember to bring some water, a hat, sunglasses and a facemask along for your walk. 

50. Take the MRT to Istora Station and watch an international concert at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.

The MRT has made it super easy to access various attractions in Jakarta. Gelora Bung Karno is one of them.

Gelora Bung Karno is a massive park in central Jakarta. Typically, it hosts major international athletics competitions like the ASEAN Games. One of the best things to do while in Jakarta is to take the MRT to Istora Station. Once you are there you can walk to Gelora Bung Karno Stadium and watch an international concert. 

Your next question will be, “What concerts did they have there before?”

Well, to put this into perspective, world-famous rock band Guns N’ Roses (GNR) had a massive concert there in 2018.

The park is not only limited to a massive stadium but it is also has a baseball field and secondary stadiums for sports like badminton.

51. Try out the new LRT System and go to Mal Kelapa Gading.

With the MRT opened in Jakarta, you might also want to give the LRT a try as well. 

The first route is often termed by publications as ‘Kelapa Gading to Velodrome’ is almost open to the public. Free trial runs began in early June 2019 and it is expected to be commercially operating in late 2019. 

One of the best ways to try out this new form of public transportation in Jakarta is to take it to Mal Kelapa Gading

Mal Kelapa Gading is one of Jakarta’s largest shopping malls. It has an extensive selection of shops and tons of restaurants to choose from. It is very popular with local shoppers but foreign tourists are still not familiarized with this corner of the city.

Mall Kelapa Gading Food Court

There is also an interesting outdoor social venue called La Piazza close to the mall.

52. Go for a morning run at three public parks in Menteng: Taman Suropati, Taman Menteng, Taman Situ Lembang.

Why not try to visit three different public parks during your morning run?

Well, this is possible in central Jakarta. All you need to do is take the MRT to Bundaran HI Station and then run to one of these three parks:

You can even consider doing a workout at one of the outdoor gyms. 

None of these parks are overly large by any means, but they are interesting to check out and a good way to add some extra distance to your workout. 

Also consider visiting these during Car Free Day in Jakarta during Sunday mornings from 5 to 11 am.

53. Find a family pet at Pasar Pramuka or Pasar Barito in Jakarta

Pets in Jakarta have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. You will see lots of people with dogs and/or cats. Birds are also popular amongst Jakartans. 

If you are looking for a family pet or simply want to see some interesting animals, you can head to Pasar Pramuka or Pasar Barito. Both of these have a large selection. 

Keep in mind that some of the enclosures are really small, so if you are sensitive about animal rights, then you might want to take a pass on this and find another thing to do in Jakarta!

54. Check out a large collection of automatic machine guns and military aircraft at Satriamandala Museum.

Satriamandala Museum is Indonesia’s military museum. You can find all kinds of interesting artifacts there. 

Some of the coolest exhibits include the warplanes (outside) and the weapon room (inside). 

If you walk around to the back of the museum you will find some tanks and other war machines on display. 

One of Jakarta’s best hotels (Four Seasons Jakarta) overlooks the museum grounds. 

Satriamandala Museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibits to explore during your visit.

It is common to see school groups stopping here to learn about Indonesia’s military history and how it has shaped the current status quo.

55. Walk inside spooky prison cells used during the Dutch times at Jakarta History Museum in Kota Tua.

Jakarta History Museum is just one of many museums in Kota Tua. It is prominently located along the southern side of Fatahillah Square. 

This building was once the town hall during the Dutch times. Currently, Jakarta History Museum is a very popular stop for families and visitors to Kota Tua. It is very affordable to enter and offers a solid glimpse into the past. 

The building itself is quite striking and very photogenic.

Jakarta History Museum in Kota Tua.

Once you travel through to the back courtyard of the museum you will have the chance to see old prison cells that were used to detain people during the Dutch occupation. 

You can enter the cells and take photos if you want as well. Historians will find this to be an interesting thing to do in Jakarta.

56. Take a road trip to popular Taman Safari Bogor.

While you are in Jakarta, don’t overlook the opportunity to explore Taman Safari Bogor. As the name suggests, this is an ‘outdoor safari zoo’ that has over 2500 animals!

Technically, this is not in Jakarta. It is southeast of Bogor – one of Jakarta’s satellite cities to the south. 

This outdoor park is extremely popular with both local and international tourists. Actually, many visitors to Jakarta fly into the city just to be able to visit Taman Safari. 

One thing that you must do if you want to visit Taman Safari Bogor from Jakarta is to arrange transportation. Since this is a ‘driving safari’ visitors view animals in the park from their respective vehicles. Traffic can sometimes be heavy, so be sure to leave really early in the morning to avoid jams when possible. 

You can access the official website of Taman Safari Bogor here.

You can also consider staying near Taman Safari. The air in this area of Java is much colder and cleaner than in Central Jakarta. These two options below are conveniently located either near or inside the park:

57. Discover the role M.H Thamrin played in Indonesian history at the Museum of M.H. Thamrin.

Visiting M.H. Thamrin Museum is an interesting thing to do in Jakarta if you want to learn more about the life of M.H. Thamrin. Historians will find this museum particularly interesting.

Mohammad Husni Thamrin is a very famous figure in Indonesia for spearheading an effort to unite eight nationalist organizations. He played a pivotal role in national unity and independence during the Dutch-control era

Although M.H. Thamrin Museum is much smaller than the National Museum it still summarizes his lifelong contributions.

In front of the museum, there is a nice open outdoor area with a statue of Thamrin. 

58. Explore ceramic exhibits from Indonesia and around the world at the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics in Kota Tua.

The Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics is located in Kota Tua, right in the heart of the action. It directly faces Taman Fatahillah as it occupies the eastern side of the famous square. 

Like most buildings in Kota, the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics is located inside a nice Dutch colonial structure. Its facade is white with large pillars supporting the main entrance. 

As its name suggests this museum is tailored towards art lovers. It has a large selection of ceramics from Indonesia, but also from other countries as well. There are quite a number of paintings in the museum as well. 

Most of the museums in Kota Tua have outdoor courtyards. This is one of them. Therefore, if you are tired of looking around take a break and relax for a while outside. 

Jakarta History Museum and Museum Wayang (puppet museum) are within 2 minutes of this museum, so try to combine them during the same day if possible.

59. Visit Jakarta Planetarium.

An interesting thing to do in Jakarta is visiting Jakarta Planetarium. 

The planetarium is located in Cikini – an area of central Jakarta. This is the best spot in Jakarta to learn about space! It has a cool observatorium, theatre, and exhibits to check out while you are there.

It is more than just a sight to see, however. Jakarta Planetarium is an educational tourism facility that has astronomical simulation displays. Visitors are invited to explore the universe to gain great insight into its development and current status.

Jakarta Planetarium was originally founded by President Soekarno in 1964. 

The two closest KRL Commuter stations to the Planetarium are Cikini Station and Gondangdia Station.

This is the official website for Jakarta Planetarium if you want some additional information. Just keep in mind their website is in Bahasa Indonesian.

60. Watch an international IMAX blockbuster at Gandaria City Mall. 

Gandaria City Mall is a nice, large shopping center in Jakarta. It has a tonne of restaurants and lots of things to do for children. It is physically attached to Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel.

It also has a large IMAX cinema that is very popular when international blockbusters are released. 

IMAX Gandaria City, Top Floor

Under most circumstances international movies are shown in English with Bahasa Indonesian subtitles for local viewers. There is a food court in Gandaria City that is also located on the top floor of the mall.

You can walk between the food court and the IMAX in less than 2 minutes. 

61. Discovery the role ‘youth’ played in Indonesian independence at Museum Sumpah Pemuda.

Museum Sumpah Pemuda is an unassuming museum in central Jakarta. It is also known as the ‘youth oath museum’ when translated to English. 

This museum is of particular interest to historians and Indonesians who are interested to learn more about the fight for Independence. This particular museum recounts the role youth played in this process. 

You can purchase your entrance ticket to Museum Sumpah Pemuda right at the front entrance. Once you are inside you can explore the exhibits and printed infographics. There is a small courtyard at the back of the museum with some statues and sculptures to check out. 

62. Find the underground bunker and learn about how the Indonesian Proclamation was signed at the Proclamation Museum.

The Proclamation Text Museum (aka Proclamation Museum) is a small, but an interesting place that is dedicated to recounting the steps made to sign Indonesia’s proclamation for Independence. 

The museum has several statues and some board rooms to remember the meetings that took place.

It is located in Menteng, Central Jakarta near many foreign embassies. 

One of the coolest ‘unknown’ features of the Proclamation Text Museum in Jakarta is that has an underground bunker in the backyard. Jakarta has been through some pretty dangerous times, so why not have a secret hiding place, right?

Reserve anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour to explore this small, but interesting museum.

63. Visit the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, Mesjid Istiqlal.

One of the most interesting things to do in Jakarta is to visit the largest mosque in Southeast Asia – Mesjid Istiqlal (aka Istiqlal Mosque). 

In case you are wondering ‘Istiqlal’ is the Arabic word for ‘independence’. As such, this mosque was built to commemorate Indonesian independence. It opened to the public on February 22, 1978. 

Istiqlal Mosque is situated in the heart of Central Jakarta, close to many hotels and museums.

It has always been an important religious monument in Jakarta. Istiqlal Mosque has been visited by some of the most famous world leaders of recent years. Some prominent visitors include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Prince Charles and Angela Merkel (among others). 

Istiqlal Mosque is prominently located beside Jakarta Cathedral and is minutes away from Merdeka Square and the Monas

64. Take the commuter to Pasar Senen Commuter Station and explore bustling Pasar Senen Market

Pasar Senen is one of Jakarta’s most popular and historic market areas. This is a great spot to find everything from Batik to sunglasses. Lots of wallets, handbags, watches and jewelry are found in Pasar Senen.

Despite its popularity amongst locals, relatively few foreigners even know Pasar Senen exists! 

There are a bunch of markets in Pasar Senen, but the two largest and most popular ones are:

  • Pusat Senen Grosir
  • Pasar Senen Blok III

To access these markets you can take the commuter train to Pasar Senen Station. Once you are at the station, simply walk across the road (to the west). You can’t miss them, and they are less than 5 minutes away!

There are also meat markets and fruit and vegetable markets to check out in this area. They offer excellent opportunities for ‘frontier’ travel photos.

65. Weave through traffic on the back of a moto using Go-Bike or GrabBike.

Thrill-seekers also want things to do in Jakarta, right? Well, a must-try for enthusiastic visitors to the city is to get on a moto and weave through traffic. 

GoJek and Grab are two very popular ride-sharing companies in Indonesia. You can get picked up by cars, but also by motos. 

Sunday traffic in Jakarta tends to be the lightest of any day of the week.

Once you download the app, you can easily get picked up and go for a ride. The driver will arrive and have a helmet for you to wear. 

Try to go through one of Jakarta’s iconic areas like Bundaran HI. 

Even better, take a live video on the back of the bike to share on social media!

66. Take a walk through the ever-impressive Jakarta Cathedral in Central Jakarta. 

Jakarta Cathedral is one of the most famous religious sites in all of Jakarta. 

Situated right in the middle of central Jakarta, Jakarta Cathedral is a symbol of religious unity in the largest Islamic country in the world. It is located directly across from Istiqlal Mosque.

Looking at Jakarta Cathedral from the outside

Both religious venues even share parking spaces from time to time.

The interior of Jakarta Cathedral is beautiful and worthy of a visit for anyone tourist in the city. 

Its location is also ideal for sightseeing. As from the mosque next door, you can easily walk to the Monas, Pasar Baru, Taman Lapangan Banteng and the National Gallery from the cathedral.

67. Visit Taman Situ Lembang and Taman Ayodya and see which park has a nicer central lake. 

Taman Situ Lembang and Taman Ayodya are two parks in Jakarta. 

What else do they have in common?

Well, they both have outdoor gyms. They also have small lakes in the middle of them. 

Taman Situ Lembang is located in Menteng, Central Jakarta. Taman Ayodya is located in Blok M. 

Both of these parks are nice spots to capture water reflections with your camera.

To get to Taman Situ Lembang take the MRT to Bundaran HI Station.

To get to Taman Ayodya take the MRT to Blok M Station.

68. Get an amazing self-portrait painting (caricature) near this ‘unknown art market’ near Pasar Glodok in Jakarta

Some of Jakarta’s markets are completely undiscovered by tourists. And, this includes both local and international visitors!

There is a really cool painting market near Pasar Glodok. It is so low-key that there is no formal name associated with it. Regardless of how well-known it is, this market is really interesting. 

You will find a series of artisans set up with little painting stands. They offer all kinds of services but one of their specialties is self-portrait paintings. You can also ask them to convert a picture into a painting. They negotiate prices right on the spot and also inform you how long it will take. 

The GPS coordinates for this cool painting market are shown below:

-6.141970, 106.814589

 It is directly north of Pantjoran Tea house on the eastern side of Jalan Pintu Besar Selatan.

This is just another thing to do in Jakarta that most people simply don’t know about.

69. Shoot a bucket of golf balls at a driving range in Jakarta.

If you don’t have the time or the cash to play an entire round of golf in Jakarta the why not shoot a bucket of balls at a driving range instead?

This is also a great ‘date night’ idea. Many of the driving ranges in Jakarta serve cold beverages including beer, so it can easily become a cool social event. 

Most courses in the city have driving ranges. 

Pondok Indah Golf Club, for instance, has a popular one beside Pondok Indah Mall. They even have good restaurants that are right beside the driving range. 

Shooting golf balls is a healthy, stress-free activity that is fun for people of all ages.

70. Dive into an ice-cold pool and then dip into a steaming hot Jacuzzi at one of Jakarta’s best hotels. 

One of the added benefits of booking a 5-star hotel room in Jakarta is that many of them have great spa facilities. Let’s not forget about awesome service as well. 

Contrast therapy is not only relaxing, it is also healthy and a great way to relieve stress. This is the process of dipping into something cold (an ice water pool), followed by something warm (a jacuzzi).

Some of Jakarta’s most prestigious hotels have spa facilities that include both ice pools and warm jacuzzis. After a nice workout in the gym, try some contrast therapy to loosen your joints. Some tourists don’t even realize that hotels have these pools in Jakarta!

Enjoy world-class spa facilities at the Ritz-Carlton Pacific Place including an ice pool, sauna, steam room, and jacuzzi.

You can find excellent spa facilities at these hotels in Jakarta (just to name a few):

71. Take the commuter south to Stasiun Universitas Indonesia to access one of the nicest green spaces in Jakarta – UI Park. 

Jakarta is not particularly well known for public parks and green spaces. But one of the largest and best outdoor spaces is called ‘UI Park.’ 

This is found on Universitas Indonesia (University of Indonesia) campus south of Jakarta. UI Park is one of the largest parks in and around Jakarta and a great place for morning runs. 

To get to UI park simply take the Yellow Line of the commuter system to Stasiun Universitas Indonesia. From the station, it’s a short walk to the park.  

72. Enjoy a local ‘kopi’ at one of Jakarta’s best social malls – Cilandak Town Square (aka Citos) 

Cilandak Town Square (or Citos for short) is a popular ‘social shopping and dining mall’ in Jakarta. One popular thing to do in Jakarta is to head to Citos for some food and drinks. 

The mall is oriented in such a way that it maximizes the number of restaurants to choose from. There are many coffee shops and a few bars as well. It is common to see expats and locals chatting over coffee (kopi) at Citos. 

Citos has many small boutique shops between cafes and restaurants.

Sometimes Cilandak Town Square is converted into a small venue during Friday or Saturday evenings.

To get to Citos from central Jakarta you can take the MRT to Fatmawati Station. From there, you can either walk or arrange a short ride to the mall. 

73. Get a tan at Ancol Beach. 

Ancol Beach, also known as Pantai Ancol, is one of Jakarta’s only beaches. It is located in Taman Impian Ancol. 

Although this is by no means the nicest beach you will find around Indonesia, it is a beach nonetheless.  You can get a tan here and also watch the sunset!

There are numerous restaurants within walking distance of Ancol Beach so make a day of it with your friends and family. Some people do swim here, but be prepared for murky water due to the busy boat traffic off the shoreline. 

74. Beat the heat and get wet with your friends and family at Waterbom PIK.

Waterbom PIK is a large waterpark located in North Jakarta. In case you’re wondering, ‘PIK’ stands for Pantai Indah Kapuk.

This is a great thing to do in Jakarta if you love the water or you have an active family! The park consists of lots of twisty water slides and pools to beat Jakarta’s heat!

This is the official website for Waterbom PIK. The park is open from 9 am to 7 pm daily. Also keep in mind that it is much cheaper and less busy on weekdays as opposed to weekends. Therefore, if you have a day off during the middle of the week for some reason, this is a great place to visit in Jakarta. 

Before paying at the gate, be sure to check out their website because they often have promotions that much cheaper!

75. Explore Taman Wisata Alam Mangrove Park

Taman Wisata Alam Mangrove is an interesting outdoor wildlife sanctuary that features numerous mangrove trees, as well as monkeys and a variety of birds. You might also hear it being called Taman Mangrove.

This park is situated in North Jakarta. 

If you are looking for something to do in Jakarta consider getting outdoors for a while at this park. The park consists of various walkways through mangrove trees and much more. They also offer boat rides and overnight accommodation facilities. 

According to their official website, they have everything from ‘honeymoon cottages’ to basic campsites. Just keep in mind that they do charge visitors to bring along a camera into this wildlife sanctuary, so don’t be surprised by this while you are there!

You can find reviews about this mangrove park in Jakarta in this TripAdvisor forum.

76. Visit Grand General Dr. A. H. Nasution Memorial Museum to see exhibits about the life, works & career of Great General Abdul Haris Nasution.

Grand General Dr. A. H. Nasution Memorial Museum does a nice job of recounting the life and career of Great General Abdul Haris Nasution.

Nasution was a prominent military leader. He was once the Indonesian Armed forces chief of staff.  One of the most interesting aspects of this museum is how it summarizes how he escaped capture and eventual assassination due to an alleged communist coup movement in 1965.

Unfortunately, his daughter was killed during this attack. 

The museum was originally the residence of Nasution and his family leading up to his death in 2000.  Currently, it has life-size statues to recount the savage attack on his family. Many of the rooms throughout the museum are still preserved.

This museum is located in Menteng, Central Jakarta. It is free of charge for visitors. 

If you want to learn more about Abdul Haris Nasution you can refer to this informative article

77. Recount the Brutal Assassination of General Ahmad Yani at the Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum.

Sasmita Loka Ahmad Yani Museum houses a collection from Ahmad Yani’s life. This tribute museum is situated in Central Jakarta. 

General Ahmad Yani lived from 1922 until 1965. He was a general and commander of the Indonesian Army. He was killed by members of the 30 September Movement during a home invasion. 

During this very same day in history, there were also other brutal assassinations throughout the city. 

Today, you can visit this museum and check out interesting artifacts that Ahmad Yani used throughout his life. Even his bedroom is still left intact for visitors to check out. Historians and Indonesian’s enjoy this museum and it recounts past events related to the 30 September Movement. 

78. Check out art exhibits or catch a world-class show at Ciputra Artpreneur in Kuningan.

Ciputra Artpreneur in Kuningan is art complex that is physically attached to Lotte Shopping Avenue and minutes from popular hotels such as the Ascott Kuningan and Raffles Jakarta.

One thing you might want to do in Jakarta is to combine a shopping trip to Lotte Shopping Avenue with a visit to Ciputra Artpreneur. 

This is both a modern art gallery but also a venue for cultural and artistic shows. According to their official website, it is a ‘museum, gallery and theatre’. You can capture orchestra shows here as well as choir performances. In other words, if you love art, this is a place to see various forms of it!

Within walking distance of Ciputra Artpreneur, you can also check out ITC Fatmawati and Mall Ambassador. These are both known for affordable electronics. 

79. Observe one of the best painting exhibits in Jakarta at Museum Basoeki Abdullah in south Jakarta.

Most of Jakarta’s museums are located close to the Monas in central Jakarta. But not all of them!

An interesting museum in south Jakarta is Museum Basoeki Abdullah

This museum is dedicated to Basoeki who was a famous Indonesian painter and figure. This was his home until he donated it to the local government. 

Currently, visiting Museum Basoeki Abdullah is one of the best things to do in Jakarta if you’re an art lover! The museum showcases many pieces of his works of art along with other paintings from other artists. 

Museum Basoeki Jakarta is a low-key, but interesting museum in south Jakarta.

Most days this museum is quiet which makes a great environment to admiring his works. 

You will also find other artifacts from Basoeki’s life such as his personal weapon collection. 

To get to Museum Basoeki you can take the MRT from central Jakarta to Cipete Raya MRT Station. You can either walk from there to the museum (15 minutes or so) or get a ride (taxi or private car/moto).

80. Visit Museum Joang ‘45 to learn about Indonesian history & the war of independence.

Museum Joang ‘45 summarizes the struggle for Indonesian Independence using a collection of objects and artifacts from Indonesian fighters. You will also find a collection of photographs, documents, and paintings which highlight the struggle around the 1945-1950s.

This is not one of Jakarta’s largest museums, but it does have a small cinema which shows old documentaries and films about Indonesian Independence. There is also a children’s play area, photo studio and souvenir shop.

Reserve anywhere from 30 minutes to 2-hours for your visit to Joang ‘45 museum.

It is easy to check out other points of interest such as Tugu Tani and The Museum of National Awakening from this museum. Just a few minutes away is Fraser Residence Menteng – a well priced and conveniently located hotel.

81. Play a round of golf at one of Jakarta’s world-class golf courses. 

Many people don’t associate the word ‘golf’ with ‘Jakarta’, but you may be surprised by the number and high quality of golf courses in Jakarta. There are numerous courses in Jakarta that range in length and difficulty.

A few things that you should know about courses in Jakarta is that you usually need to book a cart and get a caddy for your round! It is common for local caddies to guide you throughout your round. 

Some courses in Jakarta even offer night golf!

A good article that summarizes some of the best courses in and around Jakarta can be accessed here.

82. Visit Antara Museum in Pasar Baru to learn about mass media in Indonesia during the progression towards independence.

Museum Antara or Antara Museum is a two-story building right near Pasar Baru in Central Jakarta. 

If you are looking for things to do in Jakarta, consider visiting this museum to learn more about how and when the Declaration of Indonesian Independence was broadcast around the world. This is the place where it was shared for the first time!

Currently, the ground floor of the museum is set up as a photo gallery with a cafe to relax. As you walk up the stairs inside, you transition into the museum section. You will find old news related machines like typewriters and fax machines that were used by the Antara news agency before. 

One of the convenient benefits of visiting Museum Antara is its proximity to Pasar Baru. You can walk to the market in 2 minutes from the museum. Therefore, when you are developing an itinerary for Jakarta, see these during the same day. This should cut down your time in traffic.

83. Visit Pasar Glodok (market) in Jakarta and then enjoy some traditional tea at Pantjoran Tea House.

Pasar Glodok is a large market in Chinatown Jakarta. It is a multistory structure that is loaded with all kinds of goods. It is surrounded by electronics malls in Glodok and is minutes away from bustling street markets like Petak Sembilan Market.

Many visitors that visit Chinatown in Jakarta also visit Pasar Glodok. 

It isn’t a new market by any means. It has low ceilings and many small vendors set up selling pretty much anything you can think of. It isn’t the cleanest market in the world!

Across the road from Pasar Glodok is Pantjoran Tea House. This is a popular spot for visitors to Jakarta to relax for a while over a drink or a meal when they are exploring Chinatown. 

Chinatown is busy and jammed with pedestrian traffic most of the time. Therefore, consider swinging by this tea house to enjoy some traditional Chinese delicacies after exploring Pasar Glodok. 

It is also possible to walk to Kota Tua from Pasar Glodok, so consider combining a trip to Chinatown and Kota Tua when you are designing your itinerary for Jakarta

84. Visit Dharma Bhakti Temple in Chinatown – the oldest one in all of Jakarta.

Dharma Bhakti Temple in Chinatown is the oldest Chinese temple in Jakarta. It was built way back in 1650!

It is a Buddhist place of worship that is situated right in the heart of Chinatown. 

A popular thing to do in Jakarta is to walk throughout Petak Sembilan Market before making a visit to Dharma Bhakti Temple. The market naturally extends towards the temple, making it super easy to check out both of these during the same trip. 

This is a vibrant temple with rich colors. Be sure to bring your camera along for awesome photos in this area of Chinatown.

85. Capture awesome sea views and fresh seafood at Baywalk Mall Pluit. 

Baywalk Mall is a massive shopping complex located along the waterfront in the northern area of Jakarta. 

Unlike most other malls in Jakarta, it offers awesome views out towards the 1000 Islands. Baywalk Mall, as its name suggests, also has a nice ‘baywalk’ area, a botanical garden and a cool fishing village next door. 

The view from Baywalk Mall in Jakarta.

You can have a great seafood meal right along the waterfront at Baywalk Mall as well. 

Don’t forget about shopping at the mall too. Although it is located in a nice area, there are lots of shops and services available. 

86. Explore Museum Layang-Layang Indonesia to learn about the history of kites in the country.

Museum Layang-Layang is a ‘niche’ museum in South Jakarta. It specializes in kites. Yeah that’s right, kites!

If you are looking for things to do in Jakarta, a visit to this museum would surely be interesting. Not many of us have been to a museum solely dedicated to the fun hobby of flying kites. 

This is the first kite museum in Indonesia. The collection here consists of over 600 kites and the number continues to increase by the day. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking there are only Indonesian kites at this museum. You can find kites from various countries including Japan, China, the Netherlands, Vietnam and several other countries from around the world. 

Expect to see some massive kites as well. Megaray, for instance, is a famous kite that measures a whopping 9 x 26 meters!

Keep in mind that this museum is in South Jakarta. So you might want to take the MRT all the way to Fatmawati MRT Station and arrange a short drive from there. 

87. Take the commuter east to Tangerang Station and visit Boen Tek Bio Chinese Temple. 

A completely overlooked thing to do in Jakarta is to hop on the Brown Commuter Line to Tangerang Station. Once you arrive at Stasiun Tangerang you will be able to walk to cool markets and enjoy tasty street food. 

This is an activity that 99% of tourists to Jakarta have never done! This includes both Indonesian and foreign tourists.

Once you are in Tangerang you can also visit Boen Tek Bio Chinese Temple. This temple is situated at the corner of Jalan Bhakti and Jalan Cilame which is right in the heart of Pasar Lama – Tangerang‘s old market hub. This is a bustling area worth checking out.

As you might have guessed, Boen Tek Bio Temple is Tangerang’s oldest temple. It was first constructed in 1684. It is an important landmark which also highlights Chinese settlement in Indonesia.

88. Enjoy the modernly designed outdoor area at Central Park Mall in Jakarta.

Central Park Mall is a popular shopping center east of central Jakarta. It is close to other malls like Neo Soho and Taman Anggrek.  

As its name suggests, this shopping center has an outdoor park that is nicely landscaped for visitors to enjoy with water fountains and gardens.

Central Park Outdoor Area

There are some nice restaurants that overlook the park, so it’s a nice spot for a romantic dinner date. If you stay at the Pullman Central Park Hotel you will also capture aerial views of greenery as well. 

Since Central Park Mall is close to other malls you can be sure to find what you’re looking for in this area of Jakarta.

89. Watch a live band play on a Friday or Saturday at the outdoor ‘Avenue of Stars’ at Lippo Mall Kemang.

Most of Jakarta’s mega-malls don’t have much outdoor space for guests to enjoy. 

Lippo Mall Kemang isn’t one of Jakarta’s largest malls, but it does have a nice design. 

It has a trendy outdoor area known as ‘Avenue of the Stars’. This is an outdoor area surrounded by great restaurants and a few pubs. You can sit down, watch an entertaining live band while enjoying either local or international food. 

Avenue of Stars, Lippo Mall Kemang Jakarta.

Beer lovers also love Avenue of the Stars. This is an ideal spot to sit with friends in a comfortable social environment. 

If you are looking for things to do in Jakarta, consider Avenue of the Stars if you enjoy social environments with lots of people!

90. Explore Modern Santa Market to see the large selection of just about everything. 

Santa Modern Market is a quirky, market that offers guests specialty foods and eclectic goods. It is situated in South Jakarta, a few kilometers east of Museum Polri and Pasaraya Blok M.

An interesting thing to do in Jakarta is to go upstairs in Santa Modern Market and try some of the ‘start-up’ food vendors that are set up there. Although this was booming about 5 years ago, there are still some interesting snacks to try out. 

The bottom level of the market has more traditional goods that you would find at other markets throughout Jakarta. You might want to combine this market and Blok M into the same day when you are making your itinerary

91. Play outdoor badminton or futsal at Monument National Park in Central Jakarta.

One underrated thing to do in Jakarta is to mingle with locals. 

Futsal is a popular community sport in Jakarta. Many adults play in recreational leagues with friends and colleagues. 

Try to join a game at Monument National Park in Jakarta. The courts outdoors so do some planning ahead of time and bring some water and some sunscreen. But the best times to play are early morning or late afternoon onwards.

The futsal courts are located to the east of the Monas. You can easily walk to them from the National Monument in less than 3 minutes!

92. Buy a hilarious caricature of Donald Trump and other Famous World Leaders at this ‘Unknown Market’.

If you are looking for things to do in Jakarta head to the Pasar Baru area. There is a cool painting market that is really interesting yet 99% of tourists to Jakarta never see it!

This ‘unknown’ painting market is directly across from Gedung Kesenian Jakarta which is southeast of Pasar Baru. 

Here are the GPS coordinates to reach this market:

-6.166279, 106.834961

Although there are some landscape paintings here, the specialty is definitely caricaturing. According to Wikipedia, a caricature is a “rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes, or through other artistic drawings.” 

Traditionally, caricatures can be insulting or complimentary and can serve a political purpose. At this market the caricatures are hilarious. 

Don’t expect to only see Donald Trump here. They also have paintings of President Jokowi and other political figures like Barack Obama. 

If you are impressed with their work, consider getting one done of yourself or your travel group. 

This is just another fun thing to do in Jakarta. 

Since Pasar Baru Market is right across from this painting market, definitely try to see both during the same day.

93. Attend a cultural event at Bentara Budaya Jakarta.

Bentara Budaya is a cultural center located in Tanah Abang Central Jakarta. The center is located in interesting traditional buildings. There are often performances and exhibits here that are Indonesian focused. 

You can expect the food to be local as well. 

This is the official website for Bentara Budaya if you want to learn more about this cultural center in Jakarta.

94. Play outdoor badminton at Taman Langsat Park.

Taman Langsat is a public park that is located about 10 minutes from Blok M MRT Station and Plaza Blok M. It is directly across from Taman Ayodya and 1 minute from Oakwood Suites La Maison Jakarta

The park has lots of mature trees that create a lot of shade even during the peak afternoon hours. 

As you might have heard, Indonesians are passionate about badminton. Fortunately, Taman Langsat has an outdoor badminton court that you can use for free! Naturally, one of the biggest challenges of playing badminton outside is that the wind can move the shuttle around in the air. 

Since Taman Langsat has a lot of tree cover around the court, most of the wind gets blocked while you are playing. 

Aside from badminton, Taman Langsat is a great play to enjoy a morning run or walk. 

95. Check out Taman Puring Shoe Market.

Many of Jakarta’s markets have shoes for sale, but not the selection you can find at Pasar Taman Puring, otherwise known as Taman Puring Market

This is not one of Jakarta’s biggest markets, but it is a great place to find cheap shoes and sandals. As you might expect most of them are knock offs, but you can still find some shoes that are a great deal for the price. 

You can also find wallets, belts, hats, and sunglasses at Taman Puring Market, but the shoes are the specialty there. 

The market is named after the park it is adjacent to – Taman Puring.  

Consider visiting Pasar Mayestik, Gandaria City Mall and Blok M during the same day as Taman Puring Market to cut down your travel time in Jakarta.

96. Buy some gold at Cikini Gold Center.

Jakarta either has a mall or market to find anything. 

Cikini Gold Center is a specialist center for those looking for gold jewelry. Expect to find many jewelry shops here selling everything from wedding rings to necklaces. 

Despite its name, Cikini Gold Center also has shops selling local products such as batik. There is a local food court in this shopping center as well. 

This is the official website for Cikini Gold Center if you want to learn more about it.

97. Take part in Car-Free day in central Jakarta.

It was a brilliant idea when Jakarta first introduced car-free day in the city center

Currently, it is one of the best things to do in Jakarta. Every Sunday morning, thousands of participants make their way to central Jakarta to run, walk, jog, cycle and take part in free community exercise classes. 

Every visitor to Jakarta should take part in this event. 


One of the coolest things about car-free day in Jakarta is that it also transforms into a massive street market in certain areas. So, it not only improves health but also boosts the economy as well. 

Car-free Sunday usually begins really early in the morning and then finishes around 11 am. TransJakarta buses continue to operate during this entire time. The MRT is also one of the best ways to get to car-free day worry-free. 

Some of the best MRT Stations to get off at to get to car-free day include:

Car-free day has become an insanely popular family event in Jakarta. Therefore, expect large crowds in some areas like Bundaran HI and Senayan. 

98. Enjoy a spectacular Sunday Morning Brunch at Orient8 or Ice Mare at Hotel Mulia Jakarta.

Hotel Mulia Jakarta is known as the ‘king of brunch’ in Jakarta. The five-star hotel has multiple restaurants located on its lower ground level. 

Two of the best brunches in Jakarta are found at Orient8 and Ile Mare. These are two exceptional restaurants in Hotel Mulia

Why are they so popular and delicious?

One of the major reasons why these restaurants are so great is that they serve ‘very high-quality food’. 

Everyone hates a buffet that loads up on cheap dishes in the hope that patrons will get full without eating too much expensive food. 

Both Orient8 and Ile Mare serve very expensive fresh seafood and the best cuts of meat. Their selection and service are both phenomenal. 

And it gets better.

When you dine at these restaurants they also offer alcohol options as well. You can have all you can eat and all you can drink. 

Enjoying a five-star brunch is one of the best things to do in Jakarta if you are celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary or Mother’s day. 

99. Enjoy personalized butler services at Raffles Jakarta.

Yeah that’s right. A personal butler. 

Raffles Jakarta has been considered the most luxurious 5-star hotel in the city for years. One of the main features that sets this property from the rest is the level of service and care that you will experience. 

Raffles Jakarta is commonly rated as the top luxury hotel in Jakarta. If you have the budget, go for it!

It is common to see people celebrate honeymoons, anniversaries and engagements at Raffles Jakarta. You will also be glad to hear that it is physically connected to Lotte Shopping Avenue so you can shop without spending a second in traffic.

Things to do in Jakarta: Summary

Now that you have read the ultimate list of things to do in Jakarta it is now time to start planning your trip!

As you can see from the list above there is way more to do in Jakarta than most people think. This is often because people simply don’t know enough about the city. Places like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur speak more English and publish more tourism information in English which promotes more foreign tourists to go there. 

As you learn about Jakarta and experience the welcoming smiles throughout the city you will see a different side of the city. Traffic and air pollution remain challenging to overcome, but now with the MRT and new LRT Lines opening up, we all hope the future is bright for the largest city in Southeast Asia.

Keep in mind that traffic is the lightest throughout the city on Sunday when most people are not working. Try to fly into Jakarta during a non-peak time if you want to drive from the airport to the city center.

If you discover more interesting things to do in Jakarta please send us an email:


We would love to add your ideas to this growing list!

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